Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dentist Love em'/Hate em'?

Dentist - You either love them or hate them! You go in for a normal procedure and you come out with no feelings in your tongue and your lips swollen out the wazoo! You can tell I went to the dentist today! I am still having a hard time feeling my tongue! I am a little chicken when I go to the dentist and this is a new one since I moved. I had my other dentist for almost 30 years, and he used the laughing gas- oh yeah- I don't recall laughing, but I know I didn't feel a thing! I asked this one for some laughing gas and was informed he doesn't use it because it was so bad for women! Uh Oh! 30 years of laughing gas! That explains it! So today I had to be a big girl and take it like a man without gas! 4 or 5 shots of Novocaine later I still can't function as well as I want! Oh well it needed to be done! So if this post doesn't make any sense, not that my posts usually do, it would be the drugs that I have taken doing the posting! Tomorrow should be a better day!

The Girls Supper Club!

These girls are having fun! Sissy cooked supper for us and her friend that she works with came over to eat with us! We thought our feet needed to be seen! Notice the peace sign with the toes! Bet I couldn't do that again. Great fun! Great soup, too!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another fun time at the Dole Pineapple Plantation! Eating pineapple! My friend, my sis and me! We had more fun eating !

Exciting News!

We just heard the news that the strike was over! I don't know all the details of it yet, but I'm just glad it's over! We went through a 2 mo. strike years ago and I knew I didn't want to do that again! It was hard getting caught up on everything! Praise the Lord for his answer to prayer! I had to put off the braces because of some fillings I had to have, but when the strike happened we weren't sure if we had coverage, so now with the strike over guess I will start on the unpleasant procedures! FUN! Bring on the pain pills! I have some new pictures of the Hawaii trip that I will try to post!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where did the summer go? We were in the 80's yesterday and now 50's today! What's with that? It must be the hurricane Karen coming! My mom told me that there would be a hurricane named after me and I think she's a comin'! I hope she doesn't tear things up! What a weekend we just had! It was very busy with our visitor! I fixed a good ole home cooked pot roast and all the fixin's for our Sunday meal and we all just had to sit around and moan because we over ate! We also got a look at the "ring"! I don't think it will be too long now. We have already started planning a little bit. It is hard to think about spending money right now with GM out on strike! Who knows how long that will last! Not too much longer I hope! Well I got to go for now! More later!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Baby Love!!!

This is my precious 7 month old granddaughter! She is actually 6 months in this picture. She is the baby of the 4 children that my son and daughter-n-law have. She has been the best little baby for them. The bow might possibly be as big as she is! I hope she doesn't pull a neck muscle trying to hold her head up!

The "Old" Love Birds!

It seems just like yesterday that we were the younger love birds! The time has flown by so fast that I'm not sure if we had fun or not! We know one thing for sure and that is God has blessed us far beyond our expectations and we are grateful for all he has given us!

The Love Birds!

We have enjoyed getting to know Michael! We knew him when he was younger and a lot shorter! He is 6'4", and she is doing good to be 5'3"!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Spending TIme With The Love Birds!

I came in from OKC on Wed. and Candace's friend Michael flew in to KC the same time too! I guess he is still considered a friend, although we are planning a wedding, slow but still getting some information around! I think we will be hearing something soon though, I can feel it! They knew each other when they were younger and he moved away and we lost contact with his family, but they found each other again on a blog and now as they say the rest is history! We will be taking them to a great family style restaurant today and maybe catch a movie. I am enjoying visiting with him because he was so young when we knew them and my how he has grown up! I will try to post a picture so you can see what a cute couple they are!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baby Withdrawals

I'm back home and missing the babies! I got to spend 3 days with them and loved every minute of it! I never get enough time with them. They kept asking me if I could put them in my suitcase and bring them home with me! The oldest one said "Grana, be sure to leave part of it opened so I can breathe!" It is amazing the things they can come up with, of course they have some great genes! I was in back home to start procedures of braces. I can't believe that at my age I have to start braces. I have some TMJ problems that they are wanting to correct and some other terms that I don't know, since I don't have a medical degree! I just hope that it will go by fast and that it will be easy! I will try to post some pictures of metal mouth later! That should be interesting! I have some pics of the babies that I will be posting later! Stay tuned!

Friday, September 14, 2007

All of the cuties together!

This is a fun day at the Zoo!!!

Cutie Patootie!!!

I told you she was a cutie!!!

Not going to class yet!

I found out today that I would not be going to class in October! I have an interview date of July 26 and the invites for class that went out today was through June 22. I am a little disappointed but know that God is in control here and that I will go when it's his time. I will probably make the November class, if they have one that is! I don't know if that is an option or not yet! I love that they hire fun loving people and now they have started hiring wild and crazy! Can't get any better than that! I just know that if this is what God wants for my life it will happen! It will be great being able to fly to visit the most precious babies in the world! I will post some pictures of them here for you to see for yourself!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Career

I know it has been so long since I posted! I could make up a ton of excuses but the real reason is I don't feel like I have any thing of importance to write. I thought I would let everyone know that I have a new career move I'm working on. I have been accepted to SWA for a Flight Attendant. I have a 3 week class in Dallas that I have to pass, lots of tests and memory work, which I haven't had to do that in 30 some years! I know that if this is what God would have me do he will give me what I need to succeed!! This will be a great job for me because of the benefits! We would be able to fly home for free to see the babies! Can't get any better than that! For right now I'm in what they call the "Pool". I'm a "Poolie"! I don't swim much any more but I love too! So I don't mind being in the "Pool"! I will try to do better at posting!