Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Papa, we love you!"

This is for Papa, because he wants something to read! LOL! He is so close to retirement! Only 2 more weeks left but he only has 5 days that he has to work! Unbelievable! Where did those 30 years go? You would think after you give a company that many years you would at least get a thank you, but since GM closed down in OKC , we had to go to Kansas City and they really aren't fond of us okies! So they basically have said don't let the door hit you on the way out! I say all that to say how proud I am that he has given most of his adult life to this company just so he could make a living for his family. He would get up before the crack of dawn and drive an hour to start work and then most of the time he would be out doing work at the church in the evening and it would get us back home so late, but he did it because he loved his family so much and he wanted to provide for us! We are grateful for his dedication to GM, and even more than that his love for the Lord and his family! Yes it is the end of his career at GM, but he has a new career that he is so excited about, he can't wait to get started! He says he will get to use his brains for a chance and not his body! I know he will be great at what he will be doing! Another thing he does great is loving our grandbabies! That is the best thing about going back home, we get to see the babies and be there for our 1st grandbaby from Candace! So, I say all that to say, "Thank you!" for you have done for our family. I know you have made a lot of sacrifices and for that I am grateful, and I know our children are as well! We are proud of you!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just for PaPa!

This is just for PaPa! He gets on everyday to check my blog and the girls, ( Candace and Keli's) so last night he said after checking, " What happened with Grana, as usual there is nothing on her blog!" I haven't been posting because for one I do Facebook more now days and I really don't feel like there is that much going on with my life to write about! Not to mention I am not a writer! But after thinking about it last night, I thought I would share with you, all two readers, how proud I am of Mike! He took a test this last weekend for his HVAC license, and he passed! He was so worried about this test! I really wasn't because I knew he would pass! He is very book smart! We are so excited for him because he will retire this year in July and now he has another career to start on! This one will allow him to use his brain instead of his body!! Anywhoo! We are counting down the days to when we can move back to OKC! It won't be long now! I wonder where the time went? Love you PaPa

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Packing And More!

This is no fun! It is hard packing without my girls!! When we moved here, Candace and Keli both helped me wrap up dishes and all my "valuables'', LOL! I am getting it done but am very slow with it! I also have a job this time that I didn't have last time. I have a fury little one that thinks she has to be held 24/7 too! As she is sitting here in my lap while I am writing this! She likes her belly rubbed alot!! She is quite the fury princess of this house! She is getting groomed today because sommmebodddyy thought they could cut her hair!!! He found out he couldn't!! "SOPHIE"

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Forgot!

I have been told by my one loyal reader, that I forgot to tag someone after my last post! Oh no! He said that's how you play tag, and I guess that makes sense!
I am going to tag Angela over at The Bartlow Bunch! She has posted some really cute pictures of her new little Asa, so it's worth going over to just look at him!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've been tagged!

The cutest grandbabies in the world!
I've been tagged! Whatever that means! My daughter did that to me, after my daughter in love did it to her! I'm not sure what I'm suppose to do, but I will try!

1. I have been blessed by a wonderful husband who loves me, inspite of my faults!
2. I have been blessed with three children, that I love more and more each day and
am so thankful for them!
3. I also have been blessed with two "in-law" children, which I like to call them
"in-love" in stead of in-law! I am so blessed that they chose to join our family!
4. I am really blessed beyond measure with four of the cutest and of course smartest
5. I still have my parents who are busier now than ever! They are like the ever ready
bunny, they keep going and going! Praise the Lord for that!
6. I also have my husband's mom and dad who are blowing and going as well! Just be
sure to be off the road before Mom A gets on the road! LOL!
7. I forgot my little Sophie who has been a great heater for my bed! She really is a sweet
little puppy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pictures of my Lovely Family!

Candace and her friend and ours, Amy! It's freezing in Oct. and we are outside of Sheridan's ordering Ice Cream Concrete's!!
My baby girl and favorite son-n-luv! They were moving back home! Can't wait to move back too!

Same picture! LOL!