Saturday, September 22, 2007

Baby Love!!!

This is my precious 7 month old granddaughter! She is actually 6 months in this picture. She is the baby of the 4 children that my son and daughter-n-law have. She has been the best little baby for them. The bow might possibly be as big as she is! I hope she doesn't pull a neck muscle trying to hold her head up!

The "Old" Love Birds!

It seems just like yesterday that we were the younger love birds! The time has flown by so fast that I'm not sure if we had fun or not! We know one thing for sure and that is God has blessed us far beyond our expectations and we are grateful for all he has given us!

The Love Birds!

We have enjoyed getting to know Michael! We knew him when he was younger and a lot shorter! He is 6'4", and she is doing good to be 5'3"!