Friday, February 23, 2007

God has blessed with another precious baby girl!

I have been busy this week! This Grana has a new little girl! She was named after my grandmother, which would be her great-great-grandmother,who by the way was a godly and beautiful woman. I have had our oldest grandson this week to help out and needless to say we have had some kind of fun! My daughter and I were taking him to eat at a mexican restaurant so he could have a grana burito,(I take a corn shell and butter it up real good and roll it! hey, he thinks it the greatest!) he didn't want me to have to cook! At one time he wanted to marry his aunt, my daughter, but now since it looks like she might be getting married he announced in the car that he just might have to marry his grana! How those little minds work amazes me! He also thinks he wants to live with me forever and forever! Amen!I usually am a very safe driver I have had quite a few years experience, but for some reason the other night I just flew right through a red light! My daughter started screaming so my grandson started screaming and it scared me so bad I started screaming! It was to late I had ran it and man I did a good job running it! I hope this next week will slow down a bit, however I think I am fooling myself because I will start moving! You know it's one of those kind of moves that you have 2 weeks to do and you think I'll move one room at a time so you can have everything where it is suppose to go and when you have finished your all ready to go, you have everything put up and you can sit and visit with all you family and friends that have helped you move, and even fix them something to eat as a thank you for helping! Wake me up!!! I must be dreaming! I can only hope!!~

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Goals for 2007

I have some goals I want to work on for 2007 and there are at least 7 that I think are most important.

1) Love the Lord Jesus Christ and have a closer relationship with him
2) Lose weight and keep it off by eating healthy and changing my lifestyle
3) Be better at keeping in touch with family and friends
4) Get out of debt and stay on a budget and get ready for retirement
5) Learn how to use my camera and take better pictures of my sweet babies
6) Learn how to use my computer
7) Work on my scrapbooking and sorting my pictures

I would hope that I could keep working on these until I have them down! That is easier said than done! With God's help
I can do it!

Monday, February 5, 2007

What a weekend we had. It went so fast that I'm not sure I was even here. We had company visiting and I hope I was a good hostess. Sometimes I worry more about the food than the ones who are going to be eating it.