Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dentist Love em'/Hate em'?

Dentist - You either love them or hate them! You go in for a normal procedure and you come out with no feelings in your tongue and your lips swollen out the wazoo! You can tell I went to the dentist today! I am still having a hard time feeling my tongue! I am a little chicken when I go to the dentist and this is a new one since I moved. I had my other dentist for almost 30 years, and he used the laughing gas- oh yeah- I don't recall laughing, but I know I didn't feel a thing! I asked this one for some laughing gas and was informed he doesn't use it because it was so bad for women! Uh Oh! 30 years of laughing gas! That explains it! So today I had to be a big girl and take it like a man without gas! 4 or 5 shots of Novocaine later I still can't function as well as I want! Oh well it needed to be done! So if this post doesn't make any sense, not that my posts usually do, it would be the drugs that I have taken doing the posting! Tomorrow should be a better day!

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Overwhelmed! said...

Grana- Do you have a holiday recipe that you'd like to share? I notice you linked up on my holiday recipe exchange but I don't see your recipe.

When you get it posted, feel free to stop back and link up again! :)