Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Career

I know it has been so long since I posted! I could make up a ton of excuses but the real reason is I don't feel like I have any thing of importance to write. I thought I would let everyone know that I have a new career move I'm working on. I have been accepted to SWA for a Flight Attendant. I have a 3 week class in Dallas that I have to pass, lots of tests and memory work, which I haven't had to do that in 30 some years! I know that if this is what God would have me do he will give me what I need to succeed!! This will be a great job for me because of the benefits! We would be able to fly home for free to see the babies! Can't get any better than that! For right now I'm in what they call the "Pool". I'm a "Poolie"! I don't swim much any more but I love too! So I don't mind being in the "Pool"! I will try to do better at posting!

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OneoftheWomacks said...

Hey Karen,

Congratulations on your SWA job! I'm sure you'll do fine with the memorizing and everything you need to know. I hope you enjoy it!
Thanks for your comment on the blog!