Thursday, August 28, 2008

Off Again!

I got the cutest phone call this morning from the cutest babies in the world! My babies started school yesterday and they are the smartest and brightest kids! I enjoy talking with them on the
phone but half the time I can't understand them! I just have to say "Wow!" They always have a great story to tell! I'm getting ready to go see the world again, NYC and Reno, I guess that is pretty much the world, I think all the people in the world either live in NYC or Reno! I hope to post some more pictures!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am doing this for my hubby! He likes to read my blog and I haven't been posting a lot, like all three of my readers hadn't noticed! LOL! I have been trying to get use to my new schedule!
Somehow posting on the blog hasn't been one of the must do's! I had some great crews this last
week, and the Captain asked me to come up and see the sunrise in the cock pit, all I can say is
AWESOME! It is definitely one of the highlights so far! It is amazing to see at 40,000 feet in the
air! It is hard to imagine someone not believing that there is a God after seeing creation at it's
greatest. I hope the pictures will do it justice!
I had a great crew and we found a Mustang in front of the hotel we were staying at and one of the girls jumped on and it made a great photo op!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I can't believe that I haven't posted! I have a picture I wanted to share! I had Danny Glover on my plane the other day! He was so nice! I was telling him how much I loved one of his movies I had seen not to long ago. I was telling him that I thought he was great in that movie but he was a little mean in it, he said he didn't know which one I was talking about, so I tried to explain it a little more, he still didn't know which one. I was talking later on that night to my daughter and she started to laugh and said "Mom, that was Samuel Jackson's movie!" Well, no wonder he couldn't think of the movie! He was a great passenger!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Please Pray!

I just wanted to ask all of you that know Candace to please be praying for her. They found out
she had Mono, which I didn't know still existed, she was still not doing good so she went to the emergency room and they drained her tonsils, sounds gross and very painful! They kept her in the hospital and is suppose to get out tomorrow, just pray that she will feel better soon!