Friday, July 4, 2008

Passed Another One!

God has been so good to me! He has allowed this brain to come alive and take in so much info!
I have had a great time, but it has been very exhausting as well! I have so much information
going around in my head, I hope when it comes time to take my last test, I will be able to bring
all of it together and pass!
I passed another test today and have one more left on Monday! It will be the last of my written ones and then I take a final, on Thursday of next week! I have a proficiency test on Tues. and Wed., of which will be on the actual plane! I have to go through all the stations and do what I have learned for the last month! I know I have learned so much, I just hope I can remember it when it comes time to do it! Please be praying that I will finish strong! I will be able to see my babies after graduation! YEA!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!

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The She and I Show said...

I'm one of your babies, come see me. :) We'll see ya soon!