Saturday, June 28, 2008

The toughest week so far!

I have just made it through what they call "Murder Week!" It is so hard on you! I passed my test on Thursday and Friday! I do have to make up a proficiency first thing Monday morning! It is giving me fits! Please pray that I will be able to get it down! I did pass two of my proficiencies on Friday! I just about knocked the instructor right off the plane ( the fake plane, that is set up on a real plane) and all the people laughed their heads off!
I can't wait to graduate and get my wings! Keep me in your prayers and that I will do my best to be all God wants me to be for him here in training. This is a mission field here!

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The She and I Show said...

So cute mom! You're almost done. Just relax and enjoy the memories you are making. See you soon. Love you!