Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Down to the Wire!

The time is almost here! I am excited, but also am amazed at all the memory work I have had to do! I'm still not finished with all of it! I really hope I can count on all of you to pray for me while I am in training! It is like a boot camp! I keep thinking about the long hours and prep work I did for Falls Creek, no sleep all week and still was able to put out a lot of food! If I can do that, surely I can get my wings! Candace and Michael helped me pick out clothes to take! We had a great time and found some cute stuff! Here is a picture of a picture, that we took for Father's Day and our 33rd Anniversary!Newly weds, huh? LOL! He's the best thing that has ever happened to me, that's for sure!!
I will try to post more while in training, so all four of you will know what's going on!
Blessings to all!


The She and I Show said...

You two look amazing! So cute! So adorable! I hope we can be as fortunate as you two. :) You'll do great. Just relax! Enjoy it as it happens because you can't go back and have do-over's. I love you and will miss you. I'm going to cry about you. ;)

Mrs. Troop said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on your goings on.
And you had better keep it up! Or I'll miss you!
May the Lord bless you~
Beautiful picture! We miss you guys!

The Anderson Zoo said...

What a cute couple you are...just young pups!!!!! We will be praying for you.
I'll cry about you too!!