Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Babie in the House!

We have a new babie! Puppy that is. I can't believe we did this at this time, but we did. I guess planning a wedding isn't enough stress, I needed to potty train a puppy! Which by the way is not going that great! I am taking any advice in this area if you have any or know of someone who does! It has been a long time since we have had a puppy in the house. We are still not sure what her name is, we are open to suggestions in this area too! We are leaning towards Sophia Loren and call her Sophie! We like Zoe too! I will post some pictures of her and maybe someone will be able to tell what name she looks like! I hope to post some other pictures too!


The Anderson Zoo said...

She is so cute. Cooper still likes "racecar" or "Lightning". Christopher said, "Deer", "Rosie" and "Rocky" and Kaibryn liked "Sissy or "MiMi". When I said you were thinking about "Sophie" C & K said they liked that. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend.

Rachael said...

thanks for commenting,yes I am so excited to see the wedding pics.I'm sure Candace was a true beauty,she's gorgeous!!!!I'm sure the wedding was lovely as well,I bet your happy its over,you were probably exhausted.Oh yeah,your puppy is just too cute,what did you end up naming her?

Mrs. Troop said...

Look at you! Blogging away - how fun! Glad to see it and will enjoy visiting.
Love ya!
~Mrs. Troop