Thursday, December 11, 2008

Packing And More!

This is no fun! It is hard packing without my girls!! When we moved here, Candace and Keli both helped me wrap up dishes and all my "valuables'', LOL! I am getting it done but am very slow with it! I also have a job this time that I didn't have last time. I have a fury little one that thinks she has to be held 24/7 too! As she is sitting here in my lap while I am writing this! She likes her belly rubbed alot!! She is quite the fury princess of this house! She is getting groomed today because sommmebodddyy thought they could cut her hair!!! He found out he couldn't!! "SOPHIE"


Mrs. Troop said...

Speaking of packing - your Christmas card came back! Do you already have a new address?

The She and I Show said...

You need to post something new. It's 2009 already!