Saturday, October 11, 2008

What a day! We are in a Baltimore hotel lobby watching OU beat Texas! I hope they beat Texas! It looks pretty scary right now! It always does! The manager is having fun with us! He is a Youth Pastor from Arkansas! He has been so much fun! He keeps asking details of the game! We just got through eating Maryland Crab Cakes and WOW they are good! I think I might like it here! I am looking for crash pads as soon as the game is over! Important things first you know! I will try to post pictures later! I need to start bringing my stuff to transfer pictures with! We are looking at cruising the Harbor tonight! More crabs and lobster I'm sure!


The She and I Show said...

You're a crazy lady! You seem to like it there and I'm glad you are doing good. You should post pictures of your lovely family! :) Talk to you soon. Love you!

Grana said...

I would post pictures of my lovely family if I had some! We haven't been together in such a long time! Let's plan our Christmas picture soon!