Thursday, June 19, 2008

Second Test!

Today was our second test and I passed! I made a 92, and here, anything over 90 is a passing
grade and they consider it a 100! You either pass or fail! They offer you 2 retakes for the 9 tests, on the other 2 tests you can't retake! I don't want to have to use a retake! My goal was a 100 on all of them, but now it is to not retake a test! We just got back to our hotel, and now we have to do homework on what we learn tommorow, then study for the next test we have first thing in the morning! Which if you do the math it does not give you much time to do anything important, like
shop, eat, iron your clothes for the next day, eat, shop, sleep and you know all the important things, did I mention shop?
This really is boot camp!! Just remember to pray for me! It is amazing how many believers I have
met, and I give them the scripture for the day! They look forward for the scripture of the day!
Love ya!


The She and I Show said...

You are hilarious! I can see now why Manly I am just like you sometimes, because we both worry way too much! I love you and we are proud of you. Try to relax a bit more. It's good to hear from you the other day. Take care of yourself and stay healthy! Drink lots of water. :) Have a good day!

Mrs. Troop said...

Sounds like you are doing so well! Keep up the good work, and keep us posted!