Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Babies here I come!!

I am getting ready to go stay with the babies! They are excited, I'm excited we're all excited!
The only one that really isn't too excited is PaPa Popcorn! He is glad I am going to see them,
but wishes he could! He loves him some grandbabies! I plan on doing some playing and loving
on the babies! I am bringing some movies for "Movie Night!" they love to eat popcorn and watch a movie at night. If you have a recommendation for a great kid's movie let me know! Just keep me in your prayers! I had three of my own when I was a lot younger and they kept me busy! This will be fun! Love me some babies!


Mrs. Troop said...

Have fun this weekend! We just rented "Everyone's Hero" last night and the kids loved it. It was really cute. And if you add in some Smart Pop Kettle Korn I'll come on over, too!

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Daisy Girl said...

Soo... did you survive? I'm sure the kids must have had a great time!