Monday, March 17, 2008

My Man's "Poopy" Blooper!

Ok, I know it has been a while since I blogged, ok, a loooonnnnggggg while! I'm not consistent but I plan on it, soon! I keep putting it off because I want to post some pictures and it takes me so long to put everything together to download the pictures and so that is the best excuse I can come up with! But..... the funniest thing happened today ya'll that I just had to tell ya! I wished I had taken a picture because I don't know if I can get you to picture what happened or not!
Our neighbor had called and had car trouble and needed my man's help. So he's going back and forth from his house and ours. Now, I don't know if you (all two of you!) remember we have our little puppy, Sophie, who we have potty trained in our garage because we have our son-in-love's big dogs, Buddy and Monty in the back yard. I had let her out and noticed she had left some pretty big poo and I thought I will get that in a minute, well something got me sidetracked,
(menopause!) and I didn't pick it up. I heard the garage door going up and thought,"OMG there's poo still in the floor!" I hollered at my man as he was trying to come in with the door barely opened, like on his knees and he got off balanced as I hollered and all I saw was his hand
sliding on the poo!! He's looking up at me with this look on his face as if to say," OMG there is poo on the floor!" By this time we are both laughing so hard tears are rolling down my face as well as the mascara and he just starts cleaning up! Well you can imagine every time I think of him sliding in poo, I just bust out laughing! I thought you guys would get a kick out of this, so I thought it was good enough to come out of hiding and post! Have a blessed week and maybe just maybe I will post again! Soon!


The Anderson Zoo said...

VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!! Wish I could have seen it. At least you were able to laugh.

The She and I Show said...

I bursted out in laughter at work and Sandy was looking at me so funny. I had to share the story. More than two of us know now! :) Ha ha! I move out and look what happens. Ya'll are sliding around in poo! :)

Mrs. Troop said...

That's too funny!
Oh for a picture to capture moments like those. HA!
I can completely relate to the getting sidetracked thing. :-)

Larissa said...

well, that is disgusting and reason number 2034 why i don't have a dog that stays in the house. however, i'm now the only Clark that doesn't have a dog in the house (Bailey stays in mom's house a lot!), so talk about feeling like an outcast. tell mike i said, "you may as well laugh, 'cause if you think karen's going to help with cleaning up poop, you'll be waiting a long time."